Hobler Park – Skillman, NJ

Of all my yoga spots, I find myself here the most; it feels like a secret and maybe I’ve been subsciously not getting to this post because I don’t want to burst the bubble. 

The park is woven with winding grass paths through large fields of wild flowers that stretch in every direction. It is so quiet there. It probably feels like such a secret because, for whatever baffling reason, it’s almost always empty. It is right on a main road, Route 601, very close to Princeton and Hopewell and lays adjacent to a large country club neighborhood but still no people! You may see a figure or few walking in the distance between the paths but this space will never feel crowded. The parking lot pulls you up to a massive front lawn that reaches to the wild flowers. There’s a playground, a beautifully built gazebo made of sturdy, gnarly tree branches, small sculptures that line some of the paths and tree branch benches hidden throughout the grass canals. As we get deeper into the summer the flowers start to sprout and September is the sweet spot. The summer sun setting behind the flowers is something to see. 

Local cafe to try (!!) : Blawenburg Market is on the corner of the traffic light right before  you turn left into Hobler Park. Although the parking is very sparse during “busy” cafe hours because of how small their lot is, don’t miss this place!! The food is fantastic as is the staff! They are all so friendly and they make the environment very comfortable and relaxed. The coffee is also amazing!! 


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