St. Michaels Farm Preserve – Hopewell, NJ

A beautiful, expansive place to hike and practice! St. Michaels Farm Preserve in Hopewell, NJ stretches over hills and fields of farmland, making it easy to point in any direction and find a great practice spot. If you’re looking for some flat space, the bridge is a beautiful option! Enter through Hopewell Princeton Road; a (nearly) hidden right turn (if you’re coming from Broad St) lands you in a stone parking lot. From there head to the far right corner of the large field and follow the path past the farm house and around the bend to the bridge. The stream running underneath the earthy wooden platform just adds to the quiet you’ll find here. Just past the bridge is also a huge field of (fenced in) sheep. Walk the path to come and go through open fields and you may come upon small benches to the far corner. This is the Aunt Molly Rd entrance down the gravel. That end of the property tends to be even quieter, but less forgiving on your car as there’s no real stone parking lot. 

It’s only a few minutes off of Hopewell’s Main Street (Broad St) so if you find your stomach empty after a strong practice, Boro Bean is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and sit out on the porch in the fresh air. If you’re looking for lunch, Brick Farm Market is perfect for well priced, hot and cold meals catered to meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike (I was there today; Spicy Black Bean and Sweet Potato Empanada was my lunch ๐Ÿ˜ $7) ! 


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  1. Maryjo says:

    I’m going!


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